Desktop virtualization with VMWare, Citrix or Microsoft today provides a new perspective to rethink the design and implementation of an IT infrastructure. Here a terminal is no longer a cumbersome desktop PC, but a simple thin client that accesses the servers via the delivery services (protocols) RDP, ICA / HDX or PCoIP. The administration effort is greatly reduced, but the “user experience” does not differ from a previous PC.

The company Nano IT Solutions GmbH focuses on the terminals of the manufacturer AtrustCorporation from Taiwan. We help our clients choose the right clients for their specific work environment. We use our personal experience of more than 15 years in this field to your advantage. We make small devices very big for you!

We look forward to inquiries about test positions as well as of traders who want to benefit from the very good solutions. We are looking for IT resellers who want to take the next step in virtualization solutions with Atrust thin clients and share in the growth of the market.

Ralf Wiehmann
Ralf Wiehmann Regional Head of Sales Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Ralf Wiehmann works for Nano IT Solutions GmbH as Head of Sales for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and is responsible for the development of reseller partners as well as for the project business with the Thin Client products of the manufacturer Atrust. He has more than 20 years sales experience in the IT field.
His previous activities included the development of the server-based computing area at Avnet Technology Solutions GmbH, the development and development of the partner channel in DA-CH and Eastern Europe at Wyse Technolgy and the successful placement of the Pano Zero Client solution in Europe.

“The distribution of Atrust thin clients has a very great appeal for me, because the hardware products are not incidentals in the product jungle of the manufacturer but high quality devices for the existing solutions from VMWare, Citrix or Microsoft and thus deserve a place in the growing thin client market , For me, Atrust thin client solutions mean simple set-up – high performance – fair price! Our successes are based not only on an innovative product but also always on a trusting and fair cooperation with our partners and customers. Without these values, no healthy growth is possible!”