Thin clients account for ten percent of the PC market so far. For cost and security reasons, demand is growing enormously. That’s why Atrust Corporation now wants to offer desktop virtualization devices in Europe as well. The representative is the Leipzig company Nano IT Solutions GmbH.

Especially for larger companies, administrations and clinics, an IT infrastructure with thin clients is interesting because it enables cost savings and higher security standards. Connected to a virtual desktop server, thin clients eliminate the need for traditional PCs. The “user experience” does not differ from working on the computer

The Leipzig-based company Nano IT Solutions is now launching thin clients of a manufacturer that has previously been ignored in the German and European market and would like to compete with the big players. One is convinced that one could reach numerous market participants in a foreseeable period, so the enterprise.

As a thin-client, server and software manufacturer, references can be made in Asia, America and Europe. In Germany, u.a. already a well-known fast food chain and a brewery group with the systems from Taiwan, which undergo a thorough quality inspection.